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Thursday, March 30, 2017

black~ish: Stepin Fetchit is an Eye Opener About Blacks in Advertising

As a Black-American woman in the midst of testing her multimedia journalism skills in advertising, my eyes are always wide open. I've been analyzing every single commercial and ad in magazines, newspapers, transportation hubs, as well as the ones that appear on my favorite television shows, black-ish.

The Richard Youngster episode that aired March 29, 2017, on ABC, opened my eyes even more. While social media expressed their disappointment of Chris Brown's appearance on the show, I was applauding the writers. About what? Blacks working in advertising and the lack of Blacks working in the business. I'm talking about the absence of Black creatives, talent, focus groups, and Blacks in executive positions at global agencies.

There were several truths in the episode, but the one that caught me off guard was how Richard Youngster was compared to Stepin Fetchit. Which, by the way, I never heard of until Andre, Rainbow and Ruby broke it down.

Unfortunately, most people missed the history lesson, and the in your face message of what it's like to be a minority working in advertising. Even industry advertising newsletters didn't get or send a memo. 

Lucky for me, I did get the memo because my eyes are opened...even wider.

Did you get the memo? Discuss in the comment box below or e-mail your views to

The Ladies of Caramel Curves Motorcycle Club

video by AJ+

It's so refreshing to see women coming together to support one another. We need more women uplifting each other.

Unfortunately, some critics didn't get message. Instead, they body shamed these women. 

Who wouldn't want to be part of a tribe whose members are doctors, lawyers, beauticians, bus drivers, etc.? 

Watch, listen and learn... from the ladies who burn tires.

Learn more about the clique of chicks on their Facebook page.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Young Voices: Let's Talk About Vinyl Digging

Welcome back to Better Said Than Written, the podcast supplement of Artz of Culturez where I make a personal connection with today's trending topics.

This is a special episode where my son has taken over the show. When I heard we were going to discuss vinyl records I just had to say yes. And so I handed him the mic.

We talked about how I got into vinyl digging, my top four vinyl records, and how my son has an ear for music and a love for Sade.

Take a listen...

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hip-Hop + Ballet = Hiplet

article by Great Big Story

The dancers of the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center plié, pirouette and jeté to their own rhythm in a new form called Hiplet. The dance draws on both the movements of hip-hop and classical ballet technique and is performed on pointe shoes. 

To read more, go to

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