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Welcome to Artz of Culturez, a multimedia blog that connects art, culture and a little bit of everything else with today's trending topics and the not so trendy. You'll get a mix of blog posts, videos, podcasts and a stream of daily tweets.

The ultimate goal is to find inspirational, uplifting, powerful stories and share them here. (Take a look at: Why She Stayed)

While in search for those human interest stories, you'll get recaps of panel discussions, critiques of documentaries, movies, books and articles that may end up trending in those social media news feeds of yours ... or not.

You'll hear, see and read the thoughts of renowned and emerging artists and their views on where the multicultural art scene is headed. There will also be Op-Eds on historical figures who had and continues to have a significant impact on American culture.

Artz of Culturez steps into the minds of emerging artist in the video series "Behind the Canvas." This is where you'll see artists step out from their comfort zone and in front of the video camera to share more about themselves and their projects.

If you are a fashion aficionado who is curious about the threads of the founder/executive producer of Artz Of Culturez, T.C., tune into Fashion Fridays.

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Who is T.C.

1. Multimedia journalist

2. Currently the managing editor of a financial trade publication in NYC. It is what pays the bills.

3. I almost majored in art history and psychology.

4. I love art + culture!

5. Vinyl record collector

6. I produce all of the videos on the blog. That includes, shooting, editing and the voice overs.

7. I'm writing my memoir. "Mommy Wasn't There"

8. I'm looking for a new band to sing with as lead or a backup vocalist.

9. Pisces

10. I am an empty nester: (See The Empty Nest Chronicles)

11. Producer of the podcast - Better Said Than Written

12. Lead vocalist / Diggin' in the Crates

13. Find out what life is like as a new resident in Jersey City, N.J. -

13. ... More to come but you can get the important stuff on

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