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Friday, May 1, 2015

Fashion Friday: All in the Color Palette

(Day at the Office Outfit)

Depending on the shade of your skin, you can pull off wearing almost any primary color. As you can see I've got quite a few colors in this spring day at the office outfit.

A colleague of mine has been trying to encourage one of his fair skin co-workers, who I will call Drew, to break out of wearing solid black all the time. I then informed my colleague that Drew may have to find a color palette that suits her because spring colors like yellow, orange and certain shades of pastel blue will make her look washed out and may clash with her blonde hair.

I even have colors that I'm hesitant of wearing. Midnight blue, coffee brown and eggplant are colors that makes me look drab. However, I try to brighten dark colored outfits with accessories from earrings, to fashion statement necklaces, multi patterned socks and right down to the shoes! Who says you have to wear black shoes with every dark outfit?

So what colors on your palette makes your complexion pop? Share your comments and pics below. If Instagram is more your style be sure to tag @tcsviews in your posts.
Day at the Office Outfit

(Cardigan Tag)
  • Belt: Style Haven 'Vintage' Boutique
  • Cardigan: I totally forgot... But here's the tag I found inside
  • Dress: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Nine West Outlet
  • Earrings: H&M
  • Hair: Beauty House of TamYams - Natural curls constructed with Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding 

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