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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Signup for Arts + Cultures Recap

I'm aware that everyone doesn't have time to visit their favorite blogs everyday. So, I thought it would be ideal to give, you the reader, an option to get what you've missed in one dose in a weekly newsletter! 

Now you can keep up with Arts of Cultures by signing up for "Arts + Cultures Recap." You'll get blog posts that you missed the week before, some stories from the archives, and personal thoughts of trending stories that I didn't cover. 

When you sign up, "Arts + Cultures Recap" will be sent to your inbox every Sunday by noon. I don't have time for spam nor do I send them.

There's nothing to think about, just signup for Arts + Cultures Recap right here, right now

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There's nothing to think about, just signup for Arts + Cultures Recap right here, right now.