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Friday, October 25, 2013

Shout out to Jay Z: Stick with Barneys!


After word got out that a 19 year-old Black American man filed a $5 million claim against high-end retailer Barneys because he was racially profiled and retained in NYPD’s custody after purchasing a $350 belt, the news feeds of social media sites got flooded with rage. Turns out that Twitter and Facebook fans of Jay Z, aka Shawn Carter, wants the Brooklyn, N.Y.-born rapper to end his partnership with Barneys over the matter.

To be honest, I really think everyone is overreacting. Why is it that every time that something goes down in Black American communities Black celebrities have to be scrutinized in the process?

Where was Mr. Carter when Trayon Christian was held for a couple of hours after spending a ridiculous amount of money on a Ferragamo belt? I am pretty sure Mr. Carter wasn’t there and neither was his wife or their baby Blue bundle of joy.

It blows my mind that the New York Daily News went to the Marcy Housing Projects, where Mr. Carter used to live before his music career took off, to hear what current residence have to say about Mr. Carter severing ties with Barneys. Uh…does it even matter what they have to say? Can the current residents of Marcy Projects even afford to shop in Barneys? I don’t think so. So why take the issue to that side of the streets?

When Mr. Carter steps off the plane from his tour in Europe he won’t have time to get over his jetlag because Rev. Al Sharpton and Kirsten John Foy will be tapping their feet waiting to talk to him. Instead of talking to Mr. Carter about canceling his holiday line, which is expected to generate millions, Sharpton and Kirsten should talk to Mr. Carter about starting a foundation that teaches young kids not to frivolously spend their money on designer belts.

Now that is a question I would like to be answered by Trayon. “Why did you spend $350 on a belt? WHY?” Well, at least we know one teenager who won't be walking around "looking like a fool with their pants on the ground."
Special shout out to "General" Larry Platt. R.I.P. General Platt.

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