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Friday, June 5, 2015

Fashion Friday: Glorious Gray

(Lounging in Glorious Gray: Full description below)

The color gray is a shade that shouldn't be ignored on your fashion color palette. Nor should it be saved just for the winter. Gray can and should be worn year round.

A few weeks ago one of my friends made an attempt to reprimand me for wearing gray in the spring season. "But if you pair it with a bright spring color like yellow, gray can work you know," I politely fired back. 

Whoever said gray is only to be worn during the cold months is wrong. And I don't care if Anna Wintour has it written down in the fashion law books of Vouge magazine. We can wear gray anytime of the year! (No disrespect, Anna.)

There are several shades of gray to choose from ... 50, if you ask my favorite dominate fictional character Christian Grey. I tend to pack away my dark gray items until winter sets in and I keep my lighter shades of gray in my daily wardrobe year round. During the winter months I pair my dark grays with red, deep purple, and the color that goes with just about everything 365 days of the year - black.

Ah, but it’s springtime and summer is about to creep in any day now, which means that the dark side of the color palette will not always work but the lighter side of the complementary color wheel will. My personal favorite colors that mesh well with the lighter shades of gray includes: yellow, turquoise, gold, light blue, off white, lavender and magenta.

Do you see it? Do you see that gray is the color for all seasons? Great! My job here is done.

Share how you feel about gray occupying your closet year round in the comment box. Or if Instagram is where you share your fashion habits, tag me in your gray looks at @TCsViews so I can check it out.  


Outfit: Lounging in Glorious Gray

Gray high-rise skinny jeans: Urban Outfitters 
Stripped gray & yellow long sleeve cotton shirt: The Gap 

Combat boots: Nine West  

Yellow purse: orYANY  

Fabulous Shades: Style Haven Boutique  

Earrings: Forever 21 

Hair: Beauty House of TamYams ~ Natural Curls constructed with Cantu Leave in Conditioner, pure African Shea Butter, and natural coconut oil 

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