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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Behind the Canvas: Raphael Rapior

(Raphael Rapior)
Portrait photographer, Raphael Rapior, sold nearly everything he owned to make his journey from Germany to New York City's art scene. He even sold his most prized possession – his camera.

However, Rapior's passion to snap faces of the living isn't driven by a big payday, he's inspired by by his younger brother. When he realized that his brother couldn't verbally express emotions, Rapior taught himself how to pay attention to his brother's facial expression. This gave Rapior the motivation to capture the emotions of people around the world. 

Rapior hopes to inspire people with his work as he snaps images and share stories of cultures you don't hear or see everyday. First stop... India, which inspired his NYC photography debut of In Shiva's Shadows.

Press the play button to see and hear more.

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