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Monday, June 29, 2015

Behind the Canvas: Carol Frazer Haynesworth

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There comes a time when life comes to a stand still. High school and college graduates are the main ones who gets stuck in the middle of the crossroad as they try to figure out what road to take and wonder, 'What's next?' As some try to map out a plan, panic sets in. While others decide to remain stagnate and trap themselves in their comfort zone. 

However, I'm a true believer that everyone has a purpose in life and it's up to every individual to figure out their destiny. 

If you're one of those students, or even someone who is stuck in a rut in any aspect of your life, Carol Frazer Haynesworth's book, Coauthor of your Great Destiny - What makes ordinary people become extraordinary, may just be the guide that can help you get unstuck. 

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