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TC's Threads: This is where I'll share my personal style with you. 

Most of my looks comes straight from the the clearance rack of trendy department stores. I don't turn my nose up to thrift stores or vintage boutiques. And I never turn down free hand-me-downs, especially if the price tags or the tickets from the dry cleaners are still attached. 

TC's Threads isn't just about my wardrobe. You'll also get to see outfits, trends, and styles from family, friends and fashionable people who I meet on the streets. This idea initially stemmed from a blog post about the return of the pin roll

Fashion Friday Featured Posts

I’ll admit that I saw the color coming for several months now. During the fall of 2014, I noticed different shades of sunny side up peeking out here and there. But it was the spring fashion 2015 fashion shows that really put my fashion intuition to rest. Continue


Depending on the shade of your skin, you can pull off wearing almost any primary color. As you can see I've got quite a few colors in this spring day at the office outfit. What's on your color Palette? Can you wear just about anything or are you constricted to all black? Continue


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