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Thursday, June 25, 2015

D'Angelo, Bobby Seale Discuss Racial Injustice in America

(D'Angelo, right, with Bobby Seale in Berkeley, Calif. )
(Photo Credit Zackary Canepari for The New York Times)

It's always refreshing to hear how things were during the Civil Rights Movement, especially when the story is being told by the Black Panther Party co-founder, Bobby Seale. It's even more compelling when a musical Black American artist takes part in the conversation.

In the following video, Seale and R&B singer, D'Angelo, hit the nail on the head during a New York Times video interview when D'Angelo said, "Ain't nobody talkin' about nothin'," when it comes to the music today. "We as artists we have a responsibility. The kids are paying attention to us. They're lookin' at us." 

I know my kids are watching and listening. Every time I talk to my 19 year-old daughter about music, whether it's about her used to be favorites with the likes of Beyonce, Wiz Khalifa, Trey Songz or Chris Brown, she echos the same exact thing that D'Angelo said. "What are they talking about? They're not talking about anything," my daughter said boldly. "Beyonce's last song [7/11] didn't say anything, Trey Songz is still singing about having sex and Wiz is still blazin' up."

My 18 year-old son, who is dabbling in music, isn't concerned about writing songs about poppin' bottles or selling drugs. Instead, he hopes to send a message to people who are ready to breakout of the negative cycle of suppression that has kept Black America back for years. 
Listen to the podcast supplement of Artz of Culturez: Enigma and Allure in Baltimore, where you'll hear my son, who goes by the name universe, express what he thinks is taking place in Black America.
There's really not much for me to add to this story except to share the video of Seale and D'Angelo with you. Click the play button below.

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