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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Guest Poet: Anthony Villegas, The Set of Rules

Anthony Villegas is the founder and editor of the luxury and lifestyle blog, Of Mice & Menswear. After returning from a short hiatus, the emotions of life inspired Villegas to pour out his feelings in a poem titled, The Set of Rules. "It does carry some seriousness to it, as it is a poem written with serious thought," Villegas wrote in the introduction of his first poem hosted on his blog.

The Set of Rules questions the ifs, whys and whats of life. It hones in on complexities life serves most of us on a daily basis, which all balances out once we agree to follow all of the unspoken rules of life. 

So, sit back, click the play button and read along to – The Set of Rules. –– Read by T.C. / Music produced by Denzel

The Set of Rules 
Life is a game we all must play.
Life is a game in which we have no say.

The rules are set that we must follow,
No time to waste,
No time to wallow.

So why do we care so much of life?
It's filled with hardship.
It's filled with strife.
So why do we care so much of life?

That darling friendship,
The darling wife.

What makes us follow such sets of rules?
To wake up each morning and go to school.
To find a job,
To buy a house,
To spend each moment with family & spouse.
Why do we follow such sets of rules?
Going through life as silent fools.

We take tradition as law,
And law as order,
Living blindly each day within our borders.

We grow blind to our debts,
We grow blind to our problems,
We grow blind with hopes that one day He will solve them.

"So let us be blind!" they say,
"So let us play!"
"We choose to follow these every day."

Then when the game gets tough and harder to face,
We can rely on the rules to set it all in place. 

by Anthony Villegas

Follow Villegas on Twitter @MiceAndMenswear and keep up with his personal style and inspiration at

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