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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Art Tip Tuesday: Summer Reading

Summer is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to catch up on some reading.

Is there a technique you wanted to brush up on or experiment with on your next painting, sculpture or sketch project? Well, I suggest taking a stroll through your local bookstore, if there are any more around in your immediate area, and head to the ‘Art Technique’ section. You’d be surprised how many art books, magazines, and courses you can flip through.

(Potential books for you to read)

When was the last time you thoroughly researched a subject that you were interested in? Although the World Wide Web is at your fingertips and you can find almost anything you want on the oh so reliable Wikipedia, there’s nothing more rewarding than flipping through the pages of a book.

Take your next series of painting for example. Who or what are you trying to capture on your blank canvas? Why not pick up that autobiography, and start to read, highlight, take notes, and dog ear the corners of those pages that are compelling and thought provoking. Then use those collective thoughts and create something that does more than speak to your audience. Create a conversation piece.

I find that when you invest time to research a topic you’re interested in expressing through art, then you will have something educational to talk about with your audience. You can opt out from the public speaking and write a poem that can go along side your work if silence is more your style.

Before I wrote that blog post and shot the video on Kara Walker’s ‘A Subtlety’ I did extensive research on what people were saying about the sculpture, how it sparked controversy on Instagram, and I also listened to what Kara Walker had to say about her own work in an interview she did with National Public Radio.

(Sweetness and Power: One of the books Kara Walker read)
Come to find out Walker did not just create the sugar sphinx out of the blue, she too did extensive research. And yes, a book, if not several, were part of her research.

So what is on your summer reading list? E-mail your list to or Tweet me @TCsViews

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