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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Art Tip Tuesday: Do You Have a Card?

Stemming off of last week's tip of the importance of having an online presence (see: Artists, Where Are Your Websites?) I thought it would now be ideal to stress how important it is to have your own personal business cards on hand.

You'd be surprised how many talented multicultural artists I've talked to who did not have a business card. I can understand when an artist run out of cards but it baffles my mind when they say they never had them. It shows me that they may not be ready to take their art career to that next level. The level of professionalism.

Nowadays almost everyone have business cards and the options of how to create them are limitless. Over the years I've used Office Depot, Staples,, and my latest business card online retailer ...

Have you been thinking about getting business cards but haven't? What's stopping you?     

It doesn't take much effort to create your business cards. And depending on the stock and the design you're looking for the prices are reasonable. Prices start at approximately $15.00.


Your business card should have the following:
  • Name
  • Title/position
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Website
  • social media handle (optional)
  • Your signature brand (optional) *Will be explained in a future post.

My very first personal cards where made during my junior year of Journalism School at the University of South Carolina. I took the college's logo and included my name, email, phone number and my title - Journalist, on the card. I carried those cards, passed them out, replenished until I finally got a full-time job in journalism.

However, last year I realized that my company business cards pigeonholed me into a box with only one title > Managing Editor. Great title yes, but on my own personal business cards gave me the flexibility to show my strong points > Multimedia Writer/Editor, Video Journalist/Storyteller.
(Day Job Business Card & Personal Business Card)

So what are your strong points? Do you paint and frame your work yourself? Are you a photographer who knows how to capture an inspiring moment in time? Have you published your first book or just started an art blog? Figure out what your artistic talents are and then get them on your very own personal business cards because you'll never know who you're going to meet.

Tweet me an image of your business card to @TCsViews

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