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Monday, May 19, 2014

Motivational Monday: Stop Giving Your Art Away

(Melanie Gillman 2013:
Over the past several months, I've spoken to a number of established multicultural artists who gave some great advice on being acknowledged in the art scene.

One piece of advice that really stuck in my mind was from award winning photographer, Miki Turner, who got this tip from others in the business. "There are [several] things that an artists can do. One is to donate to charity," shared Turner in an earlier conversation with Arts of Cultures.

Giving your work to charity is not only gratifying, but depending on the charity your work will be seen by those who appreciate art and those who has the means to write that check.

You must be wondering, 'When do I stop giving my work away?' To be honest, that's entirely up to you but do know that you have to know when to stop.

It's time to take your art like any other profession, hence the cartoon included in this article. I get it, you have to work in order to afford your art career until you get that first five or six figure check but if you've been giving away your creative pieces away for the last 5 even 10 years, well I think it's time to stop.

"Take an honest assessment of where you are and project where you want to be. That's the path to world-class growth." – Gale Crosley 


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