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Sunday, March 16, 2014

International Women’s Day: Patricia Brintle

Rebuilding Haiti Through Art

Patricia Brintle - founder of From Here to Haiti
Although International Women’s Day has passed there is always time to let you know about another inspiring female multicultural artists who is making a difference in humanity with her art. With that said, I like to introduce you to Patricia Brintle, a Haitian born artist residing in Queens, New York. Brintle is on mission to help those rattled by the catastrophic earthquake that struck the island of Haiti more than four years ago. 

In 2010, Brintle created the non-profit organization ‘From Here to Haiti’ so that she can raise money to assist with reconstruction efforts. One of the main contributors is Brintle herself. She is selling her paintings and donating a portion of her profits to the organization.
To help pull in additional funds, she also holds art shows and walk-a-thons throughout the year. 

When I first spoke with Brintle in late January, she said the organization pulled in $75,000. “We try to keep the projects small,” Brintle shared. A couple of those plans include replacing the roof of a church and installing functional toilets in schools.

Brintle and a group of volunteers headed out to Haiti in mid-February where they put in work at the trade school Ecole de Formation Marie Reine Immaculee in the town of Les Abricots; churches Saint Francis Xavier in the town of Carefour Sanon and Sacred Heart in St. Victor.

From what I’ve seen on ‘From Here to Haiti’s’ Facebook page St. Francis Xavier now has a new roof! 

Be sure to check back later for a Behind the Canvas segment with Brintle, who filled me in on how Haiti is making an impact in the art world and how her bright bold colors inspire her collectors and her love for Haiti.

Do you know of any female artists making a difference in humanity through their work? How about Haitian artists taking on the art world? Tweet me @TCsViews or e-mail me at

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