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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

NYT Opens Pandora's Box to Race in America

The New York Times is running an Op-Docs series featuring personal stories around race. Individuals give viewers a deeper look at how racial issues in America effects them directly.

The latest installment, A Conversation With Black Women on Race by Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson, is bound to pull on the heartstrings of any woman of color. It definitely tugged at mine especially when one of the storytellers tried to explain the internal racism that takes place within the Black community. Her story immediately triggered several memories of when I was called a racial slur by someone who had the same color skin and hair texture as me.
"Why do you speak like a white person, don't you know you ain't nothin' but a nigga?" 
As I write this blog post, I recall every moment when my mother told me, as a young child:
"You are black, ugly and that your nose is too big."
These are the internal racial tensions that the storyteller talked about, which plagues Black America everyday.

Until we work on ourselves, educate our children, inform our neighbors and individuals from other backgrounds, we will continue to have these issues. I applaud The New York Times for taking on this project, and I hope that these stories will resonate through the masses.

Watch and listen:

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