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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Q&A With Loveknit

The art of Yarn Bombing and Knit Graffiti 

Have you ever come across a piece of art in the most strangest of places and wondered, “Who created this piece of work and why did they choose to place it there?” Well, this scenario actually took place during one of my evening commutes.

As I headed on my five minute walk home from the train station, I came across a quote attached to a fence. Correction… I came across a knitted quote attached to a fence. I started to walk away but curiosity pulled me back and I had to snap a picture. That's when I saw the hashtag #LoveKnit stitched into the bottom right hand corner of the quote. I felt compelled to post my findings on Instagram and Twitter to see if I can find out who this artist is and what was the inspiration behind his or her work.

Less than 24 hours after I posted my inquiry the artist responded on Instagram!

Rachel, who is 27 years old, goes by the creative name, Loveknit. We are practically neighbors, we live in the same township! But there’s more to her story, and it's sure to uplift your spirit.

Here’s what I found out about Loveknit during a brief Q&A

What inspired you to knit 'This Pain is an Illusion' and place it on a fence in Montclair?

Most of this world is an illusion. In this time, society, and place it's not common to slow down and focus on your heart and soul. There are so many distractions to take us away from ourselves and tell us what to think and feel. We have so much more strength than we've been led to believe and I want people to know the power they have within. All it takes is knowing it's there and you can overcome anything. 

What's the meaning behind #LoveKnit and what's the inspiration behind it?

Loveknit is a play on words (lovin' it) and it is focused on spreading the message of love with knits. While I create, I meditate on blessing from the people who see it. 

I started teaching myself to crochet by checking out books from the library. I found one on Yarn Bombing, and I never looked back. Knit graffiti gives me the opportunity to say what I need to say without damaging property. 

I feel the world is inundated by negativity and separation and I want to promote the opposite. I want people to feel uplifted and loved by my messages; that we’re all in this together.

Where else have you stitched your knittings?

I'm based on the South Side of Montclair and most of my work can be found in that area. Though I have Yarn Bombed places in New York City and I plan on hitting Chicago in a couple weeks while I'm there visiting.

Do you consider yourself an artist?

I consider us all artists, just with different mediums but I suppose I could be called a fiber artist or a knit graffiti artist.

And there you have it, the who, what and why of LoveKnit. 

For now, you’ll only find #LoveKnit on Instagram. Follower her and work of Yarn Bombing on @leathernfeathers. And make sure you use #LoveKnit.

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