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Monday, June 9, 2014

Got Painters Block?

There are times creative minds hit a road block. As a writer and journalist I get a bad case of writers block, so I can relate when artists say 'I've got painters block.' The one thing that usually gets me back on track is to read an inspirational quote. You know the ones that slap you in the face so hard that your creativity jumps back into you.

Well here are some quotes that I’ve collected that gave me a good back hand. 

  • “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it.  While they are deciding, make even more art.” ―  Andy Warhol

  • “The artist must bow to the monster of his own imagination.” ― Richard Wright

  • “Cease to be a drudge, seek to be an artist.” ― Mary McLeod Bethune 

  • “Art is an elastic sort of love.” ― Josephine Baker 

  • “Black literature is taught as sociology, as tolerance, not as a serious, rigorous art form.”
    ― Toni Morrison

  • “To draw, you must close your eyes and sing” ― Pablo Picasso

  • “When I say artist I mean the one who is building things … some with a brush – some with a shovel – some choose a pen.” ― Jackson Pollock

  • “To be an artist is to believe in life.” ― Henry Moore

  • “No artist is ahead of his time. He is his time; it’s just that others are behind the times.”
    ― Martha Graham

  • “An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.” ―  Charles Horton Cooley

How do you shake off painter's block? Writer's block? Creative block? Comment below or share your remedy with me on twitter @TCsViews.

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