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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Building Your Art Career Pt. 3

Get Back to Class

It’s another installment of Art Tip Tuesday. As I mentioned in the first post of Art Tip Tuesday, I found an abundance of information from artist and curator, Rhonda Schaller, which I figured I share with you.

This week’s tip: Take a business course for artists. As told by Rhonda Schaller. (This post has been edited for clarity.)

In many cities across the county there are arts councils and non-profit arts organizations that offer business classes. Some may even be in how to be an artist and create success. The Creative Capital Foundation has a great series of professional development workshops. In addition, look for workshops or classes on how to be a freelancer, how to run a small business, etc. These types of programs are usually in your community, where you will meet like-minded people, and fulfill the first step of forming community.

You may benefit from learning the “business” of running your own business and make no mistake, art is a business. Any professional practices class will be helpful, and many are taught locally. There are also creative career coaches and mentors for hire. Invest in yourself and get the knowledge you need to promote yourself appropriately.

(To get the full rundown of Schaller's insight visit the blog archives)

Are you thinking about taking a business course to help boost your art career? Have you recently completed a class that has helped you get your creative juices flowing in a business sense? Leave your comment below, tweet me @TCsViews, or send an e-mail to

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