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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cashing in on Braids

Braids have made a come back and it's the hottest trend? This is news to me, because I didn't know that braids left the hair scene. Nor have I seen a trend of braids break out on social media. Have you?

Well, CBS Sunday Morning discovered that braids are hot on the red carpet and on the runway. But what about around the way? As far as I'm concerned braids never left my neighborhood. I still style my own hair in braids... you know the two braids cornrowed back and off to the side. And yes, I do them myself.

As it turns out John Barrett opened up a braid bar in high end retailer Bergdorf Goodman Penthouse in New York City and he is cashing in on the three strand technique. Bet you can't guess how much he charges for the most simplest of braids? (Watch the video to find out more ... you'll even get a history of braids from different cultures)

If you watched the video you probably heard the starting price of one to two braids. Yep you heard right a braid starts at $50 and can go up to $125...and I don't believe that includes a tip. I wonder what comes with that? Deep condition, trim, blowout, flat iron, then finally the braid and a touch of hairspray to keep the flyaway away? I checked out the prices and some of the braids does include a shampoo, blow dry and braids.

To think, for years I've been giving my braids away. I wonder what hairstylists in inner city neighborhoods like Bushwick, Brooklyn, which usually handles relaxers, doobies and blowouts, thinks about this. I can get a blowout for $25 on Wednesdays. And what about the hair braiders who will stand for six to eight hours braiding synthetic or human hair into a customer's hair for the price of $150.

This little story blew my mind because $50 for a braid is ridiculous. It's time for the not so high-end hair salons to cash in on the trend.

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