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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

National Poetry Month: Ode to My Shell

April is not just the month reserved for showers that brings May flowers, it's National Poetry Month. In honor of Poetry Month, I'll share my favorite sonnets, haiku, and rhymes. First up is a poem that my son wrote four years ago, he was 13. I share this one almost every year because this is when I realized my son was gifted with an artistic gene.

Ode to My Shell

At first you called me by tickling my foot.
You begged for me to take you and
promised to leave once I figured out your riddle.
I took you in.
Your riddle still confuses me.
Your so soft and smooth
And as white as a pearl.
You wish to be a gift to someone?
A special someone?
That'll do, fair enough.
You sit in my drawer, whispering your riddle all day.
I can't place my finger on your voice either, such a tricky shell.
I guess I'll find out soon and you'll be on your way.
Moving out and about.
You are my nomad shell.
Nameless, pearl white, cloud-like, and an anonymous voice with a
I can't wait when you decide to travel once more.

by Anthony Cody Jr.

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