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Better Said Than Written is the podcast supplement to Artz of Culturez. This is where I make a personal connection with today's trending topics. 
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Season 2 Ep4: Work Culture: Exposure Can't Pay the Bills

Season 2 Ep3: As a #WomanInHer40s I've Learned

Season 2 Ep2: Young Voices: Let's Talk About Vinyl Digging

Season 2 Ep1: Shrinking Your Carbon Footprint

Episode 09: 
Holistic Care vs Conventional Medicine

Episode 08: The Enigma and Allure in Baltimore

Episode 07: Kim Ramsey's Real Story with PGAD

Episode 06: Kim Ramsey Pt. 2: Lack of Intimacy in the Black Community

Episode 05: Young Voices Discuss Social Injustice of Mike Brown

Episode 04: Introducing Kim Ramsey Pt. 1

Episode 03: How To Be Black

Episode 02: Domestic Violence - What Are You Doing?

Episode 01: Things I Tell My Black Son

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