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Sunday, August 4, 2019

TC's Views: Women, Please Stop the Madness

From the archives of Feb. 2017

The 90-minute horror flick, Get Out, sparks conversation about racism and the loyalty of White women.

Out of all the reviews I read about how writer-director Jordan Peele pulled the nail-biting film together, Kendra James’ headline in the Feb. 28, 2017 article, left me wanting to know more.

The headline, which appeared in my Facebook feed: "Get Out Perfectly Captures the Terrifying Truth About White Women" … made me think that I was missing out on a big secret.

Then the subhead made me scratch my head a bit: "There are many scary things about the movie, but scariest of all is its realistic depiction of racism."

I then had to read the following three thoughts of the Cosmopolitan article several times:

  • "White women have always played, and continue to play, a large part in upholding the supremacy. They have not held the best interests of people of color. Putting full trust in them has often been to our detriment. "
  • "The idea that a white woman you see as your potential friend or ally will eventually prove to be looking out for her own best interests over yours or the greater good. These are concepts that the people of color watching this film (Get Out) are intimately familiar with."
  • "In Get Out, writer-director Jordan Peele takes 90 minutes to meditate on a lesson Kim Kardashian once spelled out for America via snake emojis and Taylor Swift: White women are not to be trusted." - Kendra James via Cosmopolitan.

TC's Views

As a Black woman working in Corporate America, I'm intimately familiar with "women" looking out for their own best interest ... not just White women.

It's rare to find women, of any race, whose friendship is genuine. As a precaution, when I first engage with a female co-worker or a "new" female friend I tend to keep most of them at arm's length.

My own personal experience has taught me to form a bond with women who I immediately click with including, Blacks, Whites, Latinas, Asians, etc.

Scary movies aren’t my thing. I have no intentions of going to see the movie but I do want to know if the main character in the film manages to Get Out. Thanks to Wikipedia, I learned that he did.

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