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Monday, January 18, 2016

Personal Finance Pros to Help You Hold on to Your Financial Resolutions

Figuring out the art of handling your finance is tough, but there are financial gurus who can help you stick to your financial goals for 2016.

It’s three weeks into the New Year, and I am sure many of you have your resolutions in order. At the top of your list, you may have a financial goal that you would like to attain. However, you’ve also figured out that sticking to you financial resolution isn’t as easy as you’d hope. There are several personal finance gurus who can probably help whip you into shape and honor your financial goals. 

The following are three personal finance specialist who have great advice, tools, and strategies to help anyone at any social economic level become financially independent. 

The Budgetnista 

If you’re trying to get into the habit of honing in on your finances, Tiffany Aliche, aka The Budgetnista, has a plan that can get you on track. 

Aliche created the Live Richer Challenge, a free, online financial challenge to help women achieve their savings goals in 22 days… but I’m sure men can benefit from it too.

Keep tabs on The Budgetnista on Twitter: @TheBudgetnista and Instagram: @TheBudgetnista 

My Fab Finance 

Even though Tonya Rapley’s Instagram bio is geared toward millennials, her financial tips are definitely helpful for Gen-Xers, Boomers, and younger generations. Her ultimate goal is to provide people with “tools, resources and support to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck so that you can become financially” independent. 

Head to to see how Rapley can help you live financially free.

Instagram: @MyFabFinance Twitter: @MyFabFinance 

J. Money

J. Money is a blogger, money coach, and the founder of The personal finance blog has close to 10 million views. He also operates and coaches people interested in blogging and online business.

Follow J. Money on Twitter: @BudgetsAreSexy

Figuring out how to build an emergency fund, how to save for retirement, or how to pay off student loan debt before the human race can live in space is quite challenging but it doesn’t have to be. Do the research, ask questions, and find a personal financial guru who will help you attain your financial resolutions for 2016.

Is there a personal finance professional that's helped you stay on track? Leave your comments below or e-mail them to

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