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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guest Post: The Beginning

Earlier this year I introduced you to Aria Kier, a rising sophomore working toward a degree in creative writing at Fairleigh Dickinson University. The 19-year-old young lady had a bad case of writer's block. To resolve, I opened up my laptop and said, "You can't leave until you write something. Now write!"

Aria needed to be in her own space, with her own thoughts to write. So instead, she shared one of her poems she was most proud of from her collection. My Refund, Please?

Since that day, Aria's writer's block slowly started to crumble. She started to write again. This makes me happy, because as I mentioned before, "It saddens me to see a young, talented artists slacking off from their passion."

Aria's newest piece, which recently appeared on her blog Vision of My Words, gets in touch with her sensual side. It's a side that some of us neglect because we are either too shy, embarrassed or we believe that sensuality is down right dirty.

WARNING: If you haven't read a romance novel, do not read any further. If you think that 50 Shades of Grey was too explicit, don't read any further. If you forgot what it was like to be touched with lusting hands and would like to remember then read on...

The Beginning by Aria Kier 

No contact, no words
Completely bashful I can't look you in eyes anymore
I glue them tight but even in the dark all I can see is you.

Gravity keeps pulling me closer to you
I attempt to fight it but when I open my eyes I find myself with the view of the bridge of your nose.

I'm hesitant and immobile
Pouted lips, slightly parted you exhale
But not only are you releasing oxygen but the last of your patience. 

You grip the back of my neck so that the empty part between your mouth is filled with my lips molded to match yours.

Our noses leaning against each other there is no longer space between us as you kiss me.
And it's all gentle contact until I finally unfreeze myself to kiss you back.

You bite my lower lip hard enough for me to really feel it but gentle enough for me to not be in pain.
I push back on your teeth with my tongue and you let it go.
Your hand begins to slip from the nape of my neck and you press down on my jawline with your thumb.

The rest of your fingers still holding my neck firmly in place.

Then my tongue it slips thru to your mouth greeted by your own and they begin to introduce themselves.

I can taste the mint of your toothpaste and I become fervent all over.

My tongue becomes dominant over yours as the two maintain with vigor.

Your hand slips from neck and falls into my lap.

You place your now sweaty palm on my thigh and squeeze.

But it's in between my thighs that I feel the pressure of your hands.

Startled, I move my face inches away from yours.

Both of our unbalanced breathing is now heard clearly. 

I swallow air hard in the hopes it will travel to my lungs quicker and put a hush to my shortness of breathe.

You slowly slide your hand up and down my thigh.

I can feel your rigid fingertips brush across every last goose-bump you have just created.

And I can't help but stare at them.

You break my eye contact when you reach for my face with your other hand.

You elevate my chin so that my eyes are forced to meet yours.

I stare into the sea of mahogany that surrounds your pupils and I can tell by the way they adress me that you want to undress me. 

"Do I make you uncomfortable?" you ask. 

I simply move my head in a horizontal motion. 

You trace the outline of my lips with your thumb and even though you're barely touching me I feel it deep in the pitts of my stomach. 

It feels as if I swallowed a boy scout and they were down there securing a sailors knot in order to earn their merits badge.

You place your head on my chest and begin to leave a trail of kisses on my collarbone. 

Slightly sucking at my skin at every mark you stop.

I wonder if you can feel the heat under ny skin, I am hot for you. 

You graze your nose across my ear.

I sigh out.

"I want you," you whisper into my ear and proceed to gently nibble on my earlobe.  

A small moan escapes my mouth. 

"Do you want me?"

I nod. 

"I need to hear you say it. Aloud." You caress my left shoulder leaving it exposed as you unsecure my bra strap that has now fallen out of place.

I moan out, "I want you". In a stactto tone. 

Making sure I enunciate all three words so theres not a hint of uncertainty in my voice.

You bite your lower lip then trace it with your tongue. 

You cock your head to the side and a smirk appears across your face.  

You pat your lap motioning for me to move there. 

I obey and this how it all begins. 

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