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Monday, May 26, 2014

Guest Post: My Refund, Please?

It amazes me how many people have talent and let it fall to the waste side, especially our youth who are rising into adulthood. Whenever I see a young, talented artist slacking off from their passion I do my best to push them back into where they shine best. 

Aria Kier is a rising sophomore who is currently working toward a degree in creative writing at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She's a talented artist who has a knack of expressing her thoughts into compelling poetry. When I found out that she stopped writing on her blog, Visions of My Words, I told her that she can't leave until she gives me something. On this particular day Aria had writers block so instead she shared one of her most inspirational pieces. Enjoy.

My Refund, Please?

I try so hard to make it look like I’m happy but the more I stretch my lips up the more the tears

roll in disgrace down my face. 

So on my own I cry alone.

I cry until the tears are gone. 

I cry until the tears are dry, now angry I just scream. 

To whimper off the pain that speaks my name. 

I let you get the best of my so now my minds lights with fury.

After all the respect I treated to you, and this is what you do for me? 

You betray me discreetly in front of me eyes so now I roll mine in front of yours. 

When really you hurt others to make you happy, so the problems not really mine just yours. 

I try to throw a shadow over my true feelings but the night always turns back to day. 

And all my expressions are reveled by light unable to throw away. 

I try to cope with my thoughts so I soon begin to write. 

And then when I’m finishing writing this poem, I will be all right. 

Because I now know who to stay away from and that you I can no longer trust. 

You kill me with your stupidity, so away I stay to stay alive because I must. 

I let you get the best of me, and I broke down to rise strong again. 

You sunk through my skin and drenched my mind, but this is now and that was then. 

Disregard for anything you have to say to me, your poison words are now useless. 

I’ve overcome so much in my life I refuse to let you make me be stressed. 

What you had thought to be funny has you now standing there with the crickets.

                           So now that your show is over I’d like a refund for these tickets.

by Aria Kier

Poet: Aria Kier

I told you this artist was talented. To read more of Aria's poetry and to get a glimpse into Aria's words head over to her blogger profile.

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