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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Behind the Canvas: Ti Jay

Peace Splash by Ti Jay
I'm amazed with what I've learned since covering the multicultural art world. I've seen multiple techniques blended on a canvas, learned art collectors habits, and I've been able to tap into what inspires artists – new and old.

It's only a matter of time that I'll be venturing outside of the tristate area to get a closer look into what makes artists want to pick up their creative tool of choice. For now I am satisfied meeting multicultural artists who are making some serious moves in the art world right here in the NYC area. 
Coming up is the first installation of 'Behind the Canvas'. This is where I pull artists out of their comfort zone, place them in front of the camera and have a conversation about ... well, them.

First up is Ti Jay. I sat down with the contemporary African artist to get the skinny on how his work is making a "splash" in the world.

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