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Occasionally, a blogger, podcast host, or author reaches out and asks if I can share my personal experience on a particular subject with their audience. Most of the time, I say, "Sure! Why not?"

Here are just a few places my words appeared on the internet.


Skinny Black Girl Code 

I came across @SBGCode through Twitter. As a slender woman who is always defending her weight, I was moved by WhitneyBarkley’s mission “to help black girls and women accept their skinny form and navigate through life with self-esteem and confidence.”

Barkley asked if I could share my journey of being a skinny black woman of color. I shared my story of Just 10 More Pounds with her and her audience at


Note to Self 

I’m an avid listener of the podcasts, and one of my personal favorites is Note to Self, formerly titled New Tech City. When the host Manoush Zomorodi and her producing team tweeted out asking the audience their thoughts about the race chatter swirling around on Facebook last year, boy, did I have something to say about that too. Take a listen…

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